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About Us

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Residential – New Homes and Renovations

At Larsen Constructions we specialise in home renovations and additions.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients maximise the potential of their home by creating functional and comfortable spaces.  Recent projects have ranged from covering exposed decks, to re pitching roofs, expanding living areas, adding extra bedrooms and second story additions.


Generally, if you are planning on an alteration which is greater than 10 square meters then you are required to seek council approval.  There are other circumstances by which you may need approval for smaller structures for example when encroaching on a boundary.

At Larsen Constructions we have extensive experience in dealing with Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama councils as well as a number of local private certifiers.  We can advise you as to your obligations.

Any project over $12 000 requires the builder to take out Home Owners Warrantly Insurance in order for the job to be approved by council.  This is an insurance which can only be taken out by a licenced builder and it covers you the client in the instance that there are faults in the construction of the project, regardless of whether the builder is still trading.

The price of this insurance is scaled to the overall value of the project.

At Larsen Constructions we offer personalised service.  At every step of the way through your project you will have direct acess to the builder responsible for your job.  This is in contrast to many other companies whereby cients deal with a head office or sub contactors.

This service begins with an inital consultation during which Dave will meet you on site to discuss your needs and determine a course of action.
Soon after you will recieve a detailed quote based on the inital meeting.  Should you agree to the quoted price and sign contracts you will then enter our system an be given the next available start date, taking into account time for drafting and council approval should it be required.

At all times throughout construction you will have direct access to Dave and he will mange your dealings with other trades as needed to complete the project.